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SEO Checklist

WHAT RULES FOLLOWED FOR SEO | Technical tips for improving SEO. Use this as a final checklist for your SEO activity. The following list is loosely ranked from most important to least important, so try to work through the list one at a time and feel free to skip over some if you want to see which ones you can knock out today.

  1. Write Great Content
  2. Write Unique Content
  3. Use a Keyword Phrase in Your Title Tag
  4. Create a Good Keyword Phrase
  5. Add new Content All The Time
  6. Write a Site with Accessible HTML
  7. Aim For Content That’s 3-7% Primary Keyword
  8. Aim For Content That’s 1-2% Secondary Keyword
  9. Get a Domain With Your Keyword Phrase
  10. Use the Keyword Phrase in Your URL
  11. Use Keyword Phrases in Headlines
  12. Use Keyword Phrase in Anchor Text of Links
  13. Try to Get Keyword Phrase Inside Incoming Links
  14. Ask For Other People To Link To Your Page
  15. Try to Get Links From Similar Sites
  16. Try to Get Links From Profitable Sites
  17. Try to Get Links From .edu and .gov Sites
  18. Create an XML Sitemap or Google Sitemap
  19. Create as Much Content as You Can Keep Site Content Within One Theme
  20. Keep your Site Live as Long as Possible
  21. Create a Sitemap
  22. Use 301 Redirects or Permanent Redirects
  23. Use 302 Redirects only for longer URLs
  24. Put Your Keyword Phrase in the First Paragraph
  25. Get as Many Inbound Links as You Can
  26. Put Your Keyword Phrase in Alternative Text
  27. Put Your Keyword Phrase at the Top of the HTML
  28. Increase the Font Size of Your Keyword Phrase
  29. Format Your Keyword Phrase to Stand Out
  30. Write a Descriptive Meta Description
  31. Link Your Page From Within Your Site
  32. Put Up Links That Flow Within The Text
  33. Get Linked on DMOZ and Yahoo
  34. Keep Asking For Inbound Links
  35. Link All Major Images
  36. Periodically Check your Outbound Links For Page Rank
  37. Keep Your Pages Up to Date
  38. Use Flash For Non-Critical Pieces of a Page
  39. Use the Meta-Keyword Tag and Include Your Keyword Phrase
  40. If You Use Flash, Always Include Alternative Text
  41. If You Use Frames, Use the No-Frames Tag
  42. Keep Your Pages Close to The Root Directory
  43. Never Display Different Content to a Spider Than to Customers
  44. Keep Your Keywords Together
  45. Use the Keyword Phrase in Your Meta-Description
  46. Set Your Language Meta Keyword
  47. Optimize a Few Secondary Keywords
  48. Use Different Forms of Words for Your Keyword Phrase
  49. Use Your Keyword Phrase in Named Anchors
  50. Use Synonyms in Your Keywords
  51. Don’t Link a lot To External Sites
  52. Register a Separate Domain Instead of a Sub- Domain
  53. Register a .com Domain Over a .biz or .us Domain
  54. Use Hyphens to Separate Words in Domains
  55. Use Hyphens or Underscores to Separate Words in URLs
  56. Write Short Pages
  57. Include Text Transcripts of Podcasts and Videos

Things should be avoided for best seo results |WHAT RULES FOLLOWED FOR SEO

  1. Don’t Write Your Content With Javascript
  2. Don’t host Your Site With a Host That is Down a lot
  3. Don’t Misspell Keywords in Your Content
  4. Don’t Use Click Through Images instead of Text Links
  5. Don’t Host Your Site With a Host That Allows Spammers
  6. Don’t omit Alt Text for Images, Especially Ones Inside Text
  7. Don’t Use Session IDs
  8. Don’t Use Your Keyword Phrases Too Much
  9. Don’t Try to Optimize for More Than 2-3 Keywords and Phrases
  10. Don’t Rely on Links From Domains With the Same IP
  11. Don’t Use Dynamic URLs
  12. Don’t Use URL Parameters if You Can Avoid it
  13. Don’t Have More Than 10 Words in Your URL
  14. Try to Get Your Site Off Link Farms
  15. Don’t Rely on AdSense or AdWords to Boost Your Rankings
  16. Don’t Link to Link Farms
  17. Don’t Create Pages of Links
  18. Don’t Get Into Link Circles
  19. Don’t Have Broken Links on Your Site
  20. Don’t Use the Meta Refresh Tag to Redirect Users
  21. Don’t Separate Content Artificially
  22. Don’t Make Constant Minor Changes to Content
  23. Don’t Use 302 Redirects
  24. Don’t Violate Copyright or Other Laws
  25. Don’t Write Bad or Incorrect HTML
  26. Here are a few things you should avoid because it may cause your site to be banned:
  27. Never Redirect to Another Domain
  28. Never Link Invisible Images
  29. Never Include Invisible Text on Your Pages
  30. Never Create Doorway Pages


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