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what is xmal










what is xmal

xaml is very powerful language and pronouced (zamel) and it is nearly similar to xml used to design interfaces.It is used in windows presentation foundation.

 For years thick client Windows applications were designed with a basic forms editor and some code behind each form to handle basic control interactions. The resulting user interfaces were not slick and looked boring overall, having a myriad of similar controls and generating a good deal of confusion about best practices when developers designed the user interface for a Windows application. When Windows Vista came out with the new Aero desktop, it provided new interfaces that could be leveraged for much richer user interfaces in Windows applications. Microsoft went back to the drawing board and created XAML, which not only provided more powerful and better designed user interfaces for applications, it also simplified the overall control set that was available to developers.

 Using just a handful of controls and concepts, you could develop rich user interfaces learning complicated APIs, such as DirectX, which were traditionally used for writing Windows game software. When WPF was unleashed, it was not a far jump for Microsoft to take a look at how web development was done. Most Microsoft-based web development was performed using ASP.NET and Web Forms, which were basically a web-based version of the Win Forms technology that developers had at their disposal for full-blown thick client Windows apps. Now with that brief history lesson out of the way, you’ll jump into some real-life XAML code and start to see exactly how easy it is to create user interfaces for Windows Store apps. We can develop Windows Store Apps in several different ways. Windows 8 enables we to use whatever programming language you may be the most familiar with to do your development. 

The API calls and User Interface controls used in Windows 8 development are available to all these language combinations with no major restrictions. The XAML language is a powerful markup language that we can use to create complex screens as well as fluid and dynamic Windows 8 user interfaces. Now, if we have a background in Microsoft development and have been developing line-of business applications over the last few years, it is highly likely that you have used Silverlight. Silverlight is a Microsoft technology that provides great improvements in streaming media over the Internet as well as gives developers a first look at XAML and a new way to create web applications with a strong emphasis on line-of-business features.

If ever any  developed applications using Silverlight or WPF recently, some content is redundant in this chapter and you could jump ahead; however, some important differences exist between traditional XAML development with Silverlight/WPF and how it is used in Windows 8 with WinRT as the backbone. If you are interested in those differences or just need an overall refresher in how everything works.

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