what is php triggers and benefit of it


php triggering is a functionality to do two or more things at the same time using one request for a server. it is an effecient way to do that .

it is also fact that it creates a little overhead when you want to do that php triggering .


when a user wants to withdraw a account from let us suppose a bank , and website administrator wants to know that how many accounts have been withdrawn today or last week or last month etc. what does he wants ; it is his headache. now here the efficient way comes with php  triggering when some minor or little code is added for every insert or delete or update that php triggering can handle ;

so it gives a nice picture or scenario for admin etc. to analyze the situations and php triggering creates a seperate row against specified row etc . for insert or delete or update informations etc.

hopes it helps a little for your php triggering  concept !

thanks for reading !