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what are requirements for installation of laravel

laravel is a nice and robust framework and if any developer wants a fast development ; he must choose laravel.
1-A Database Server For this reason I would recommend setting up a database server
supported by the PDO must use the flexible and free MySQL
by Oracle, other popular database servers include SQL Server, Postgres and SQLite.

2- A Webserver Laravel needs a web server. It doesn’t matter which one you use but I find the
majority of the community use either Apache and doing the same will make it much
easier to find support if needed.
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor 5.3 or greater Laravel is a PHP framework, it requires the
PHP programming language. Trust me you are going to need this one. Since Laravel uses some
modern features of the language you will also need version 5.3 or greater. You can find out the
PHP version used by most web servers by typing php -v at the console, or using the phpinfo()
3-A Text Editor which i am using sublixe text 1 or sublime text editor 1 or adobe dream weaver.
There are many code editors and IDEs available, find one that suits the way you work.
And It must be there that you are surely first experiment your laravel on your local computer,
Now follow the simple steps , you will be there with installtion of laravel on your local computer.
1- First go to wampserver follow the link and download from there
2-Install it on your local computer
3-Now go to download curl and install it
4-Open your cmd and check it is working
5-type there curl
6-If above procedure works,It means that you are on your right way.
7-Go to laravel site and see the laravel dist version and type that laravel installation line in your command prompt.
8-Now everything is ok and you are with laravel installation.

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