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Website development for seo

Website development for seo

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Website development for seo

Website development for seo

Continuous Website Development

Website development for seo |You can agree with me that the more user-friendly your website is, the more likely you are to have repeat visitors and enjoy natural sharing of the links to your site. So, work continuously on the optimizing your website to make the user experience memorable. Simple things such as layout or website design can simply put off visitors and make them hit the return button quickly.

Social Media Share Buttons

Whenever you read something interesting on a website, you want to let other people know that you read it and want to share it with friends. Well, what other better way to share such information than social media. With that same thought in mind, you add social media buttons on your posts.

Blog Commenting

You may have heard of blog commenting from other sources, but if you aren’t familiar with this method then you are in luck. Blog commenting is where you simply comment on other blogs in order to attract attention from those who view your comment on the post to your website.

Reverse Engineering

As the name suggests is based on working backwards on the aim in mind. In this case, you create a blueprint of sites that are doing well with their traffic or ranking well on the search engines. So, in order for you to find out, you apply such tactics from what you see on the onset and try to figure out the strategy they put in place.
One of the strategies you can follow is your competitors’ backlink creation. So, you will need a tool that can show you your competitors’ backlinking strategy. I recommend using Traffic Travis or These tools will show you the source of the links that your competitor has. You can then build your links in a similar

In addition, you can also follow through using the same procedure to find out which related websites they network with or share links to. If the competitor is making plenty sales or has huge following you could also follow some strategies such where the social media sharing button is placed or opt-in box for emails is for maximum utilisation of
your visitors.

In essence, you will be able to copy ranking and traffic factors from your competitor simply by studying various strategies that they apply. So, a comprehensive compare and contrast moment will reveal a lot to you.
Tell Your Visitors What You Want Sometimes, it is just that simple. When you visitors come to your website, a clear
intention that you want to stay in touch with them is good.

For instance, you tell them that you want to have their email address so that you can alert them of the next blog post of the second part of the post which you will post soon. Also consider situations like where you want the visitor to help spread your content. You could ask the visitor to share the post if they enjoyed it and most visitors do so, especially if they enjoyed it. They wouldn’t be willing to share if they did not.

Website Loading Time
Nobody wants to wait a long time for the website to load not even you I guess. The question is, how fast is your website loading? A great way to benchmark test how fast your site is loading is by selecting 3 to 4 competitor sites that have great traffic and timing their loading of certain pages such as the home page and a page with a post on
What to do if your site is slower
– Consider removing all unnecessary plug-ins
– Consider revising your theme because these vary in sizes
– Consider reducing the sizes of the images (these usually take the most of time)

This factor should be checked on frequently in order to ensure that you are always on
the right path and that you are caught unaware. Website loading time is also used as a
factor to determine search engine page rank by the search engines themselves.

Quality Hosting

Never compromise on hosting. I know how tempting it is to go for cheap hosting in order to keep your monthly hosting cost low, but this could be recipe for disaster. You do not want to find yourself directing visitors to a website that is down just because the hosting servers are down now. Invest in the best hosting services possible.

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

This strategy has worked for many physical and even online businesses and I believe it will work for you too. If you are selling products of your own or promoting other peoples products then you can pounce on this strategy and apply it too. I know it’s very tempting to give away all that you are offering on your website before someone opts-in or buys a product, but it is only better to tell them enough to take action and blow their mind with the hidden bonuses or other goodies after they complete the action.

Web 2.0 Sites

These are websites that allow you to publish content on them on a more or less similar fashion like blogs, but they are quite different. These sites are very easy to use and have set modules. They also allow you to link back to your website a few times in the article. They tend to rank very well in search engines and you would want to take advantage of
that. These sites are built around online communities and these are the direct sources of traffic for your content published. So, you able to select the niche in which your content belongs to so that members of these sites can easily find them. In addition, these sites allow you to link your site to through RSS feed which will highlight new posts made on your websites; this is definitely a plus for you. By creating great content, you will also be able to create some loyal followers of your content published on these sites. Remember, if you cannot write well enough, try learning, and if you still can’t, then consider outsourcing.

Keyword Research

If you are into search engine optimization, then this is a very important tool to use. Keyword word research is very important as it gives you the direction on which keywords or niche to build your website around. On the other hand, if you have already built a website, then you could use the keyword research to enhance your visibility in search engine results. The thing is that there are people who are looking for particular things online and they tend to use some similar terms over and over again, this is the core of keyword research. So, if a person is looking for ways to unlock his brand new mobile phone, then they use words like; “how to unlock mobile phone type XYZ” or “phone unlocking services”, these are what are known as keywords.

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