Setting for visual basic installation

First method:::
first open your registry editor
go to hkey_local_machine
go to system
go to current control setting
go to services
go to Ndisuio
go to start service name if it is 3 it is ok
if it is not 3 (in other words 4) set it to 3
now restart your computer
Second method:
open your registry
go to hkey_local_machine
go to system
got to current set001
go to services
go to http
double click start service and set it to 3
and restart your computer

Third method::::
press your windows button on keyboard
now to go “my computer”
right click “my computer”
click “manage” tab
go to service and application tab
double click “service” tab
go to “routing and remote access ” tab
double click it
now go to windows prompt
set it to automatic
press ok
now go to menu tab
click the “play button ”
now restart your computer
have fun with it

if your feel any more query
email me at