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the best way for how to update wordpress manually


the best way for how to update wordpress manually









the best way for how to update wordpress manually

The detailed oriented steps involved here would teach you how you can update your wordpress manually without feeling any kind of frustration.

  1. first of all see there if any maintenance file exists in your wordpress root directory if exists delete it if not found leave it as it is.
  2. second backup your database of wordpress file
  3. third download wordpress latest version
  4. Deactivate plugins.
  5. also delete .htaccess file from your root directory
  6. fourth follow the following steps
  7. Get the latest WordPress zip (or tar.gz) file.
  8.  Replace WordPress files
  9. Unpack the zip file that you downloaded.
  10. Delete the old wp-includes and wp-admin directories on your web host (through your FTP or shell access).
  11. Using FTP or your shell access, upload the new wp-includes and wp-admin directories to your web host, in place of the previously deleted directories.
  12.   Now Upload the individual step by step(the most sensitive part of your wordpress upgrade) files from the new wp-content folder to your existing wp-content folder, overwriting existing files.
  13. Do NOT delete your existing wp-content folder.
  14. Do NOT delete any files or folders in your existing wp-content directory (except for the one being overwritten by new files).
  15. Upload all new loose files from the root directory of the new version to your existing wordpress root directory.
  16. now you should replace all the old WordPress files with the new ones in the wp-includes and wp-admin directories and sub-directories,directory (such as index.php, wp-login.php and so on). 
  17. take it easy for your new wp-config file from your new database and put your database credentials like name password etc.and replace it with previous wp-config.php
  18. your wp-config.php will be safe.
  19. and take it with great care that you do not touch even uploads and upgrade , they are two maindatory folders that are compulsory part of new installation .
  20. now go to your in your browser address bar
  21. now it may need upgrade it would do it automatically , you just follow simple instrcutions what it says to you.
  22. take it with great care do upgrate instantly if it requires .
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