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Testing and removing the virus from your PC








You can compile and test this virus on your own PC without any fear. To test, just doubleclick the sysres.exe file and restart the system manually. From now on, every time the PC is booted and the desktop is loaded, your PC will restart automatically again and again.
It will not do any harm apart from automatically restarting your system. After testing it, you can remove the virus by following the below mentioned steps:

Reboot your computer in the safe mode.
Go to:
(%systemroot% can be C,D,E or F)
You will find a file by name sysres.exe, delete it.
Type regedit in run. You will go to the registry editor. Here navigate to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run

There, on the right site, you will see an entry by name “sres“. Delete this entry. That’s it.
You have now removed this virus successfully.

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