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1. SSH name

ssh – OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)

2. ssh synopsis

ssh [-1246AaCfgKkMNnqsTtVvXxY] [-b bind_address]
         [-c cipher_spec] [-D [bind_address:]port]
         [-e escape_char] [-F configfile]
         [-i identity_file] [-L  [bind_address:]
         port:host:hostport] [-l login_name]
         [-m mac_spec] [-O ctl_cmd] [-o option]
         [-p port] [-R [bind_address:]
         port:host:hostport] [-S ctl_path]
         [-w tunnel:tunnel] [user@]hostname
3. ssh frequently used options
-l      login_name
-v      Verbose mode.  Causes ssh to print debugging
        messages about its progress.  This is helpful
        in debugging connection, authentication, 
        and configuration problems.  Multiple 
        -v options increase the verbosity. 
        The maximum is 3.
4. ssh examples

ssh to a box with an IP Address and as user root:

ssh -l root


ssh root@

Feel free to specify host name instead of IP address. To ssh to linuxconfig.org_remote as a root user we can use:

ssh root@linuxconfig.org_remote

For troubleshooting your ssh service use -vvv option as follows:

ssh -vvv root@linuxconfig.org_remote

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