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Smarter seo way to link directories

Smarter seo way to link directories


Smarter seo way to link directories

Smarter seo way to link directories

Link Directories for seo

Smarter seo way to link directories |In the past, it was common to use link directories to improve your site’s PR and to get it better positioned in the search engines. Today, this practice isn’t quite as common; however, it can still provide an excellent starting point when attempting to get your site inbound links and traffic.

Fast seo techniques

In short, there are three tricks to using this method correctly:
Find a large list of link directories. Post your link in as many of them as possible. Focus especially on the ones that are high PR and receive a lot of traffic. For a good place to start, check out the following list:

When posting your link, vary the site description. When search engines find and index the link to your site and the surrounding text, they will flag it as duplicate text if it is identical to a site that has already been indexed. For this reason, you will want to vary it slightly, so that it is recognized as unique.
When writing your site description, intersperse several different keywords throughout the text. When search engines index your site descriptions in these directories, they will notice that your link is surrounded by text that contains keywords related to your site, which will improve your search engine ranking positions.


In short, getting your site in link directories is unlikely to generate a flurry of traffic in a short amount of time. However, in the long run, it can provide a strong initial foundation for your overall SEO strategy.

Article Marketing

Why Article Marketing Works

The idea behind article marketing is simple: you write (or hire someone else to write) articles about your niche. Within these articles, you repeat one keyword and some related keywords. When the search engines spider this content and index it, they will rank that content highly for the main and related keywords. Now, from there, article marketing can take several forms. One form involves your creating and optimizing articles; and then placing them on your own website. And another form involves creating and optimizing articles; and then submitting them to article directories.
Each of these different forms of article marketing can be a cheap and effective means of boosting the amount of traffic your site generates. It is simply a matter of learning how to do it correctly, harnessing the power of those techniques, and then watching everything play out. In this section, we will second form of article marketing: creating articles to place on other sites.

Writing the Articles

The first step of any good article marketing campaign is, of course, to create the
articles. Most skilled marketers know that this should always start with the
generation of a keyword list.
In brief, you can generate the keyword list using a tool like the following one: Your goal should be to select keywords that receive a lot of traffic, but do not have a lot of pages listed. If you do use Wordtracker, this value will be summarized by the KEI score.

If you’ve never done this before, you may want to use an Excel spreadsheet to compile your first keyword list. You can start by locating keywords using Word Tracker or Google’s keyword tools. From there, you can write down the number of page views, the number of competitors, and other vital statistics. You can then use these measures to pare your list down to a manageable size (perhaps 10 to 15 keywords).
Once you have completed your keyword list, it is time to write the articles. For each article, select a main keyword and 2-3 secondary keywords. In the actual article, you will want to use the main keyword 4-5 times and the secondary keywords once each.
If you don’t want to write the articles yourself, you can always contract out the work to freelancers. Sites such as and provide excellent platforms for locating, vetting, and hiring freelance writers .

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