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shipping settings in magento


shipping settings in magento


Shipping Settings in magento:










How to specify shipping options, such as the origin used for

shipping rate calculations and whether to enable the multiple shipping destinations


Configuring shipping settings and shipping methods enables you to provide customers a

selection of shipping methods with shipping rates during checkout. Magento CE

includes extensive integration with major shipping carriers; for USPS, DHL, FedEx, and

UPS you can create shipment orders and print shipping labels right from the Magento CE

Admin Panel.

To define general shipping options:

1. In the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration > SALES > Shipping Settings.

2. In the Current Configuration Scope drop-down list in the left upper left corner,

select the scope for which you want these configurations to apply.

3. Click the Origin and Options tabs to expand the page to display the shipping


Cookie Restriction Mode

Magento can notify store customers about cookies that are being used by a. The feature

is called Cookie Restriction Mode. It is aimed at helping store owners to comply with

the European Union Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive and its

amendment. According to these documents, websites cannot use cookies until a user


Enabling and Configuring Cookie Restriction Mode

To enable the cookie restriction mode:

1. Log in to the Magento Admin Panel.

2. Navigate to System > Configuration > GENERAL > Web.

3. In the Current Configuration Scope in the upper-left corner of the page select the

desired website.

4. Expand the Session Cookie Management filed set.

5. In the Cookie Restriction Mode field select Yes.

6. To save the changes click the Save Config button.

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