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project browser in unity 3d


project browser in unity 3d








Searching the Asset Store

The Project Browser’s search can also be applied to assets available from the Unity Asset Store. If you choose Asset Store from the menu in the breadcrumb bar, all free and paid items from the store that match your query will be displayed. Searching by type and label works the same as for a Unity project. The search query words will be checked against the asset name first and then the package name, package label and package description in that order (so an item whose name contains the search terms will be ranked higher than one with the same terms in its package description).









If you select an item from the list, its details will be displayed in the inspector along with the option to purchase and/or download it. Some asset types have previews available in this section so you can, for example, play an audio clip or rotate a 3D model before buying. The inspector also gives the option of viewing the asset in the usual Asset Store window to see additional details.

keyboard shortcuts for unity3d

The following keyboard shortcuts are available when the browser view has focus. Note that some of them only work when the view is using the two-column layout (you can switch between the one- and two-column layouts using the panel menu in the very top right corner).

FFrame selected (ie, show the selected asset in its containing folder)
TabShift focus between first column and second column (Two columns)
Ctrl/Cmd + FFocus search field
Ctrl/Cmd + ASelect all visible items in list
Ctrl/Cmd + DDuplicate selected assets
DeleteDelete with dialog
Delete + ShiftDelete without dialog
Backspace + CmdDelete without dialogs (OSX)
EnterBegin rename selected (OSX)
Cmd + down arrowOpen selected assets (OSX)
Cmd + up arrowJump to parent folder (OSX, Two columns)
F2Begin rename selected (Win)
EnterOpen selected assets (Win)
BackspaceJump to parent folder (Win, Two columns)
Right arrowExpand selected item (tree views and search results). If the item is already expanded, this will select its first child item.
Left arrowCollapse selected item (tree views and search results). If the item is already collapsed, this will select its parent item.
Alt + right arrowExpand item when showing assets as previews
Alt + left arrowCollapse item when showing assets as previews



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