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Powerful ways for gettting website traffic

Powerful ways for gettting website traffic


Powerful ways for gettting website traffic

Powerful ways for gettting website traffic

Focus on seo strategies and ways for boosting your website

Solid Content
Powerful ways for gettting website traffic |If you haven’t been considering this then it’s high time you did. Creating quality content is simply irreplaceable. With this you create a long lasting relationship with your readers and a possible large following. Every day, we have readers looking for information and if they got what they were looking for from your site last time, it is very likely they will hit the bookmark add button without second thoughts.

Facebook Page

I couldn’t go on telling you methods of drawing unlimited traffic without mentioning Facebook now could I? Well, Facebook as one of the largest social media sites keeps on growing with time and that’s where a lot of people spend are spending their time.


Do not get fooled by the name of this method, it’s nothing more than having a Twitter account for your website. As you may already know, Twitter is another social media site that is being used by even large corporations, that is just to show you how powerful it is. So, thanks to such social media platforms, the playing field has been leveled such that even you may get the opportunity to tap into this source of website traffic.


PPC also known as Pay Per Click is also another way to drive some unlimited traffic. In plain English, this is expensive traffic, but can work wonders if done properly. The Pay Per Click services are usually provided by search engines such as Google and they charge quite a lot. The cost differs from keyword to keyword. For instance, if you plan to run a Pay Per Click campaign with Google, then you will use the Google Keyword tool which also shows you the cost.

Getting Your Website Reviewed
This is another way to get noticed online. In this case, you get to someone with a high authority blog to review your site or someone who provides website reviews. Though this is not for free, it’s good for exposure to the bloggers visitors and others that may stumble upon the review and this can also help create powerful backlinks for your
website. It will cost you an average of $25 to get your website reviewed.

Backlink Count

If you want to make the most of search engine traffic through search engine optimization, then this is for you. In backlink count you ensure that all the backlinks that you have created count. It is a huge waste of time to create a hundred backlinks and only twenty count to the search engines. So, in this strategy you ensure that all the backlinks created count and you will need to follow a few steps.

Do not Install Ads

Depending on the purpose for which your website has been created, it is only wise not to put ads for other websites on yours. Although you would want people to click on your banner advert and come to your site, you wouldn’t really want to be the one sending them traffic. This is all for the simple reason that traffic is not easy to get, just think about it, I am having to explain to you thirty ways on how to drive unlimited traffic and after applying all these tips, you send it to another site for a few bucks, not so wise huh?

Domain Magic
Find domain names that related to your website products or services. It is even more of an advantage for you to use keywords in your domain names. In case you were thinking of building a website and buying a brand new domain name, consider squeezing in that keyword to your domain to help boost your search engine rankings when that keyword is searched.

Google Analytics

I recommend that you use Google Analytics to monitor your sites progress. With this tool, you will be able to measure the bounce rate of your website, the traffic volume, the keywords which are bringing you the most volume and other important factors that will help you optimize your site.

Guest Blogging

This is another great way to draw traffic from high traffic blogs to your website. This involves writing a guest post on a high authority blog. So, the magic behind this is that when the visitors of the high authority blog see your post they will want to know more about you and go to your site and also bookmark your site or maybe subscribe your RSS feeds.
Are you into YouTube Marketing?

If you are, then here are a few tips you can use to draw traffic to your video or YouTube channel which you can also use to redirect traffic to your website Well, before you create a video do keyword researches to find out which keywords have the most traffic volume or you could simply adopt those you are using on your website.

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