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paypal in magento


paypal in magento










Now that you have a method to calculate the cost of the shipping of your products, you can

configure the payment options that enable the collection of money. Magento CE offers several

payment options and many more can be added by downloading Magento payment module

extensions, provided at More information

on installing payment module extensions is provided in “Extending Magento,” page 252.

The following shows how to set up some of the most popular payment methods. Setting up other

options is just as simple.


PayPal is one of the most popular ways to accept online payments. It enables you to

accept credit cards and PayPal accounts. This section shows how to set up the PayPal

Website Payments Standard method. Other PayPal payment methods are set up in a

similar manner.

How to setup paypal method in magento:

Your first step is to create a PayPal merchant account. Please check with PayPal

( for detailed instructions.

2. In the Magento CE backend, select System > Configuration > PayPal to display the

PayPal page,




In the Merchant Account section, select the country and specify the email address

that is associated with your PayPal merchant account.

4. Select the Website Payments Standard check box to display the Website Payments

Standard Settings section,

In the Title field, specify a title to be shown to your customers.

6. In the Sort Order field, specify an integer number to indicate where this payment

method should appear on the list of available payments on the frontend. A value of

1 places this payment at the top of the list, a value of 2 places it second, and so on.

7. In the Payment Action field, select one of the following options:

? Authorization: Blocks or holds funds in the PayPal account until these funds

have been transferred to your account. This usually occurs when you process

the Order.

? Sale: Specifies that funds are transferred to your account immediately.

8. In the Payment Applicable From field, leave the All allowed countries selection or

select Selected Countries to select from a list of countries.

9. In the Sandbox Mode drop-down list, select whether this payment method is in

sandbox mode. Sandbox mode is used when you are setting up and testing the

payment method; no actual payments are processed.

10. In the Transfer Cart Line Items drop-down list, select whether information about

each individual line item in the order is sent to the payment processor (Yes), or only

the order total (No).

11. In the Debug Mode drop-down list, select whether this payment method is in debug

mode. Debug mode is used when there is a problem processing a payment and you

want to know what data is being exchanged with PayPal and where the error is

occurring. Data (except for credit card numbers) is stored in the system log file.

12. Click Save Config.

paypal in magento














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