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what is wordpress theme basis

what is wordpress theme basis
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what is wordpress theme basis


There listed below some main files if you want to develop your wordpress theme file


it is main style sheet file and must be included in your theme folder so that your theme would work well accordingly.


this “right to left text” decoration file and would include automatically in wordpress “.


 if you have developed your own templates , it would be there.


it is used how user would comment in your wordpress post.

single.php :

it is used when single post is queried.


the file is used when page about query is done.


as name depicts it shows categories of posts etc.


The tag template  Used when a tag is queried.


it is used when you want to show the default page as front page .php taxonomy.php:

this is about text term used but leave it if you are new to wordpress.


this file is used when some query about author is done.

:Image attachment template. Used when viewing a single image attachment. If not present, attachment.php will be used.
this file is used when any query about post or page is not done accordingly.


this file is used when there is about date functions are needed for post or pages etc.


The archive template. Used when a category, author, or date is queried. Note that this template will be overridden by category.php,author.php, and date.php for their respective query types.


for performing your search at dynamic level ;this php file plays an important role in searching your content, or user level content .       

for more go to wordpress

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how to make a wordpress home page button

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 how to make a wordpress home page button

if you want to change your button namely “home” button and want to give it a new name

just follow these steps:

  1. first open your wordpress folder
  2. go to wp-includes folder
  3. go to post-template.php and open it
  4. go to line no 899
  5. text would be like  $text = __(‘Home’);
  6. change ‘Home’ to whatever you want.
  7. problem is solved . thanks

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How to fix the issue of wp-admin link of wordpress

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When you want to open your wp-admin page but it is not opening and take you away somewhere else and

there comes a solution for it which is listed below:

  1. go to your phpmyadmin
  2. go to your relevant database
  3. go to your wp_options tabe(which would be you left hand side)
  4. go to options name “tab” and right down below you would find it
  5. click on edit button and now make it your site address “right”.(what is your site address)

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