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odesk magento test questions


odesk magento test questions









odesk magento test questions

  1. how we can change password in our local.xml
  2. how can accunt navigation links be changed?
  3. why .phtml extended file are used in magento?
  4. can we create multiple stores in magento?
  5. how we can show our products images in category if they are not working there?
  6. how can programmatically added bundle products be shown in magento front-end?
  7. how we can disable cookie in magento file system
  8. how we can block an ip(user) from magento site?
  9. what is the best way to recognize the session is stable in most secure state?
  10. how we can create static pages in magento ?
  11. how we can create email template newsletter in magento?
  12. the “suspected fraud” order status is grouped under which state?
  13. how we can create a bundle product in magento
  14. how we can register observer hooks to events in magento
  15. select which conditions can be checked to track down a product that is not showing in a category page?
  16. how magento contact form can be shown on a cms page?
  17. is it possible to trigger an event after an rder has been set to “processing”?
  18. how can the checked processes be skipped for downloable products in magento
  19. how we can override/extend magento core functionality in best way?
  20. how we can call a method for a single product in a static block?
  21. what is difference between “flush magento cache” and “flush cache storage” in magento cache system?
  22. what does the capture method do in the magento purchage and order processes?
  23. what is the better way to store session tokens in magento?
  24. what is the correct method to add an external javascript file to magento ‘s local.xml file?
  25. differenciate between the isSaleable() and isAvailable() methods?
  26. how we can create global variables in magento?
  27. how we can retrieve our password if retrieve button is not working
  28. what is the default id no for category?
  29. how we can create sub-category in magento?
  30. what is the purpose of flush magento cache ?
  31. what is sku value in magento?


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