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no can see my friend list except mutual friend

It is going to be simple description but tricky one
Just follow these simple steps you will be able to hide your friend list from others
but only mutual friend would be on display .

  1. First login in your facebook account
  2. Click on your “name” tab in right corner.
  3. There you would see “timeline” “about” “photos” “friends” “more” tabs
  4. Now click on friends tab
  5. And right side corner, you would see a pencil logo for “edit”
  6. Click on it, it would prompt to you two options “manage section” and edit privacy
  7. Then click on edit privacy
  8. Now it would prompt you a new window
  9. On our left you see friend list and right there you see “public” click on it and set it to “only me”.
  10. For follwoing you can repeat the same procedure

And snapshot below would decribe it better:

thanks for reading
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