mysql date functions in details

UTC_DATE() Returns the current UTC date
UTC_TIME() Returns the current UTC time
UTC_TIMESTAMP() Returns the current UTC date and time
WEEK() Returns the week number
WEEKDAY() Returns the weekday index
WEEKOFYEAR() Returns the calendar week of the date (1-53)
YEAR() Returns the year YEARWEEK() Returns the year and week
TIMESTAMPADD() Adds an interval to a datetime expression
TIMESTAMPDIFF() Subtracts an interval from a datetime expression
TO_DAYS() Returns the date argument converted to days
UNIX_TIMESTAMP() Returns a UNIX timestamp
SYSDATE() Returns the time at which the function executes
TIME_FORMAT() Formats as time
TIME_TO_SEC() Returns the argument converted to seconds
TIME() Extracts the time portion of the expression passed
TIMEDIFF() Subtracts time
PERIOD_ADD() Adds a period to a year-month
PERIOD_DIFF() Returns the number of months between periods
QUARTER() Returns the quarter from a date argument
SEC_TO_TIME() Converts seconds to ‘HH:MM:SS’
format SECOND() Returns the second (0-59)
STR_TO_DATE() Converts a string to a date
SUBDATE() When invoked with three arguments a synonym for DATE_SUB()


MAKEDATE() Creates a date from the year and day of year MAKETIME
MAKETIME() MICROSECOND() Returns the microseconds from argument
MINUTE() Returns the minute from the argument
MONTH() Returns the month from the date passed
MONTHNAME() Returns the name of the month
NOW() Returns the current date and time
SUBTIME() Subtracts times
TIMESTAMP() With a single argument, this function returns the date or datetime expression. With two arguments, the sum of the arguments
DAYOFYEAR() Returns the day of the year (1-366) EXTRACT Extracts part of a date
FROM_DAYS() Converts a day number to a date
FROM_UNIXTIME() Formats date as a UNIX timestamp
HOUR() Extracts the hour
LAST_DAY Returns the last day of the month for the argument LOCALTIME(), LOCALTIME Synonym for NOW()
DATE_ADD() Adds two dates
DATE_FORMAT() Formats date as specified
DATE_SUB() Subtracts two dates
DATE() Extracts the date part of a date or datetime expression
DATEDIFF() Subtracts two dates
DAY() Synonym for DAYOFMONTH()
DAYNAME() Returns the name of the weekday
DAYOFMONTH() Returns the day of the month (1-31)
ADDDATE() Adds dates
ADDTIME() Adds time
CONVERT_TZ() Converts from one timezone to another
CURDATE() Returns the current date CURRENT_DATE(),
CURTIME() Returns the current time
DAYOFWEEK() Returns the weekday index of the argument