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how to make a live chat on and where to find it

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how to make a live chat on and where to find it









how to make a live chat on and where to find it

Actually uses some tricky way as when some about let ‘s say 20 or 30 users are online for live chat this live chat option would be disappeared automatically so i think it is tricky act so that users would call to us.

i would suggest a big name in hosting would enhance its services so that it can live in this changing world where on demand everything would be completed. it is not a proper way just to offer phone support service even there is just wait also .

no more phone support team members, no more live chat support and vanished away everything about ticket support system.

you would be surprizingly astonished to read that godaddy has removed this feature for submitting your ticket for any query or queries.
so it is sorry to read that she has done it wrong for all godaddy users as per it did not pre warned or pre emailed any user and users on the other side
are search for ticket button to submit a ticket .
this article is written on 12-08-2014 and further would be updated if it has again added this feature but chances are less as godaddy says on her point of view
that for user satisfaction , email ticket support is frustrating one as it is not a fast one procedure to get customer queries answers. that’s why we have removed this one
so stop yourself for this search and again you are passionate , contact them on their phone:

NEED HELP? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at +1 480 463 8811

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