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What items are important in every Android project


What items are important in every Android project









What items are important in every Android project


The android project structure definitely stands on the following items if one is left off the ; the android application would not work properly.

the items involve  in adroid project are described below:


  1. AndroidManifest.xml
  2. build.xml
  3. bin/
  4. src/
  5. res/
  6. assets/

androidManifest.xml : this is the most upfront part of the android application and supports GUI(Graphical UserInterface). actually xml is both human and machine readable language so it is best intended for which plateform it is being developed.

Build.xml : this item has the scope from developer to user interface and plays an important role when developer compiles it and the builder automatically structures for android application.

bin: where exe files and important boot files for specified application are located.

src :this is also called main part of android project src stands for source files where basic java files , main methods and meta data of application are stored.

res: where layouts of application, values of application and drawable icon launcher with different dpi reside.

assets: where different sources of media, external and inter libraries etc. reside


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