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Is a valid website





 Is a valid website

Today , i am going to aware you of one fraudulent group who is working and accumulating wealth by being genuine and real.
this group way of interdependently and interchangeably showing that they are different and have no concern with each other.
but when you go deeper you may see that that is not the real story.
these are  publishizing themselves on different websites and promoting themselves.
Now first  i will tell you their names and how they snatch money from innocent people.
there names as follows:


now i first i tell you this site has popular site ads on its working board area.

and on its working board area they have paid ads from , , etc.
and many more !
freelancer is a site that needs no introduction and is of well reputation ; there is no need of its advertisement etc.
i do not go there in freelancer that would be going to an other topic.
Now let’s come to point
Now see their method of snatching money from people as there minimum payout  on is 250$ dollar that would be
going to take around 25 days and when you reach up the required balance . They would offer you three options like

1.paypal card

2. eprepaynow card
and third option also.
paypal is not working in Pakistan
now come to
that is offering a debit online card that would cost you 40$ dollar for availing at your house .
the money would be charged from you by for providing you the debit card and never forget that card you would be going to use their for cash out from your website .
but behind the story is different ; and is the same group; they would be playing a double game
with you by being two different group. ‘s method of snatching money from you by asking you first deposit money in their account and they would get a card at their home.but in the end ; you would be getting nothing.
warning !
they have international account at every specified bank in every country to fool the people by saying “for security
reason , we are going to send money to your paypal account ; but first taking all information from you about your
paypal account afterwards they would say; you have to make your eprepay card”.
they would be going to hack your paypal information for risking your account this is the case for Pakistan and other country-natives.
where paypal is not working properly and authoritatively.
so be aware of those.

there would follows some snaps of working board :

In short,beware of this group and be in touch with me for making you aware of more fraudulent activities of these like group around the globe !




Proof of payment deposit at allied bank and summit bank












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