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is a true website

ah !never trust on global4free ! shame on global4free !

the new name of it
It is going to be spam website and fake one also ; it has no real base .
what is true story i tell you is not a fake website as it is a platform wherein anyone can create websie for any purpose so it is not a fake one . but when story moves to then it is going to be fake and fraud has no real base and is developed for just fraudulent activities  and in its contact or agent page what numbers you see for country flags with numbers , most of them are off or not responding one what do you see one number that is of England , it is responding and when phone picks up and question is asked for “global lottery” office. they simply say that they have no concern with even name and i think every one is more conscious of regular fradulent activities that you can judge it yourself.and what they adapt the policy for making anyone fool like they send a message on your mobile saying that you have won 500,000 etc. dollars and you can cash it or receive check first tell your personal details like cnic number, your date of birth, mother name etc. and afterewards they use them for other fradulent activities etc.second method they simply say that you first deposit a little amount of money like 100 dollar or just say 10500 pak rupees etc. in their account so that they can proceed the application.
So never trust it is fake one ; i am just saying about global4free not about
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