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intermediate level android developer questions

  1. Kinds of Log debugger and Debugger Configuration
  2. How to debug the application on real device.
  3. How do you ensure that the app design will be consistent across the different screen resolutionsThe types of flags to run an application.
  4. How to do data intensive calculations using threads  Passing large objects (that can’t be passed via intents and shouldn’t be serialized) via a service   Binding to a service and the service lifecycle
  5. How to persist data (both savedInstanceState and more permanent ways)
  6. Different Storage Methods in android
  7. Can you able to build custom views and how?
  8. How to create flexible layouts, For example to place English, Chinese fonts.
  9. What is localization and how to achieve?
  10. What are 9-patch images
  11. How to avoid ANR status
  12. How to do Memory management
  13. Inter Process Communication (IPC)
  14. What is onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState), Have you used savedInstanceState when and why?
  15. Fragments in an Activity
  16. When to use a service
  17. How to use a broadcast receiver and register it both in the manifest and in code
  18. can we develop a package for developing other android application
  19. why we use emulator?

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