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what is inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction in php

what is inheritance in php, what is polymorphism in php ,what is abstraction in php



what is inheritance in php
what is polymorphism in php
what is abstraction in php
what is aggregation in php
what is association in php
what is inheritance in php
these all concepts come from oop object oriented programming where we can have multiple shapes or forms
using same object and the same object we can take some or more  or extend this object to own accord.
let’s suppose i make a object now if i am in  procedural programming that would demand a long and lengthy procedure and that cannot be handled dynamically.
now come to the topic i make an object using oop and i want to instatiate it in different forms keeping it view the concept of giving it more features leaving same object at same prosition.
that’s way i can have many forms of same object using inheritance feature.
for this we use extends keyword in php

what is polymorphism in php
polymorphism means different forms of the same object where the same object plays different roles
like person account would be in different forms , it can be used in statements for credit, debits etc. this is personal form of use
person account can be used in fiscal policy, account maintenance policies
person account can be used in category shape for upper or lower view.
now it does not mean that they would be now viewed separately rather person account would be set up that way it would be viewed in many purposes using same entity.

what is abstraction in php
as abstraction term deals with some idea or plan or concept which can be felt but never can be touched.
in programming , it means that when we develop some entities or something that can be utilized
in many shapes but it can be viewed outside of any scope. and we do not what is happening in it.
we can just use them the big example of it api(application programming interface) where we use
or programme everything but we are unable to view or see the inner logic of api.
at this point someone can say that we can get this type of keyword friend or private keywords.
that is the good idea but they are more close terms to classes but abstraction is a big term where classes are hidden from outside (here outside does not mean that outside world )
here it means that from objects or classes that are using theme. even class or classes do not know how it is being abstracted but classes know what is being abstracted as per this shoud compulsory so that abstraction can be utilized in best form for accomplishing little or big tasks of programming
in short, i cannot say that it is complete here , it would require big time and lot of papers to spend and to read for fully awareness of what is abstraction.

what is aggregation in php
aggregation is a term where different entities make a whole entity but every entity has its own value
and if separeted form others it has upon itself no effect of others ; it can sustain without others.
example as class room consists of boys or girls or boths , table,chair and blackboard etc.
if we exclude girls or chairs etc. from class , class would  remain class , girls would remain girls ; in short, they are their own integrity  that is called aggregation.

what is association
association is a term where unit entity if consists of many parts , and if any part is excluded from it , it would not remain a unit entity
as example of chair it has four legs , one seat and one back now if we remove one leg or a seat
chair  would not a complete entity ; it has lost its shape that is called association .
now we can conclude that association is a name of joining things together if one thing is removed and whole if cannot sustain its shape , that is called association.

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