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Inbound links importance

Inbound links importance


Inbound links importance

Inbound links importance

Why Inbound Links are Important

Inbound links importance |When it comes to getting traffic—even the lazy way—inbound links are a must. At the end of the day, most search engines will use inbound links (and the context in which they are placed) to determine how your site should rank relative to others.
If you have dozens of inbound links from high-PR authority sites (and embedded in relevant content), your site will do well in terms of search engine ranking positions. And if you don’t, then you had better get working on generating those links if you ever want to have a high-traffic site.
Link Exchanges
When it comes to getting links from other sites, one surefire method you can use is a link exchange. In the past, link exchanges were very artificial constructions.  often, members would create a massive “link directory” on an obscure page on their site; and would exchange positions in that directory for a position in other members’ directories. Not surprisingly, this method became increasingly ineffective over time.
Today, link exchanges are different. Members typically understand that the “link directory” approach no longer works as it did in the past. Instead, what members often do is exchange links at the bottoms of relatively well-trafficked pages.Since these links are placed in prominent areas (and in relevant content) and next to few other outbound links, they actually generate some value for the sites receiving the inbound links. As a result, this strategy can be quite effective. It is just a matter of choosing partners wisely; and then upgrading partners as your site improves in terms of traffic generation.

With all of this said, the only thing that remains is to seek out relevant sites, solicit exchanges with them, and then execute those exchanges. You can start this process by going to one of the following sites: To sign up for Link Market, all you have to do is supply them with your email address. Other than that, it is a free service. You can then seek out link partners listed in their massive directory; and attempt to solicit a link exchange. In addition to Link Market, you may want to consider using Link Wizard as another method for finding linking partners. They provide a relatively simple interface for locating relevant sites and then petitioning them for exchanges.


Now, with all of these sites at your fingertips, you may be tempted to fire off some exchanges without thinking carefully about it. In reality, this is one of the worst things you can do. And, as a procrastinator, this is doubly true, since the idea if tediously sending link exchange request after link exchange request is probably enough of a turn-off to make you ignore the project for a week.


If you want to do this process correctly, what you should do is be selective with your link exchange partners. You can do this by carefully selecting high PR and high-traffic sites. You can then start by placing their link on your site in a prominent place. Once you do this, you can email the site owner and ask them if they are interested in exchanging links. You can mention that you have already linked to them (and provide them with the URL where you have done so). If they like your site, they’ll reciprocate. If not, you can remove the link to their site and move on.

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