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How to Test the Working of your Antivirus – EICAR Test


How to Test the Working of your Antivirus – EICAR Test

How to Test the Working of your Antivirus – EICAR Test











 This process can be used by people, companies and antivirus programmers test the proper
functioning of the antivirus or antimalware software without having to deal with the real
computer virus which can cause damage to the computer. Here is a step-by-step procedure
to test your antivirus.
1. Open a notepad (New Text Document. TXT) and copy the following code exactly onto
it, and save the notepad.
EICAR Test code
2. Rename the file from New Text Document. TXT to
3. Now run the antivirus scan on this file.
If the antivirus is functioning properly on your computer, then it should generate a
warning and immediately delete th* file upon scanning. Otherwise, you may have to reinstall
your antivirus.
NOTE: Most antivirus will pop-out a warning message in the Step-1 itself
You can also place the file in a ZIP or RAR file and run a scan on it so as to
ensure whether your antivirus can detect the test string in the compressed archive. Any
antivirus when scanning this file will respond exactly as it will do for a genuine
virus/malicious code. This test will cause no damage to your computer even though the
antivirus will flag it as a malicious script. Hence it is the safest method to test the proper
functioning of any antivirus.

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