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How to submit facebook app for review


How to submit facebook app for review

Hey Guy You can find instructions for How to submit facebook app for review and create your Facebook app. This is not an easy process in Facebook and requires your patience.Submitting a facebook app for review requires you must be tricky and patient one as it demands waiting time from you and facebook team would testify and verify your app credentials etc.

Creating Your App
1. To communicate with Facebook, you need to create a Facebook application. To setup a new Facebook application, please go to the following URL: Make sure that you’re registered as a “Developer” on Facebook while creating your app.
2. Next you need to create a new App. You can do this by clicking the Apps tab followed by “Add A New App.”
3. This brings you to a page where you are asked to enter a name for your app.

4. And finally, you will be asked to choose a category for your app.
5. After that you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to enter your website’s URL. You can find this field by scrolling all the way to the bottom. Enter your site’s URL and click on “Next” button.













After clicking the next button you will be shown a message that says “Finished!”. Refresh your page and click on “Apps” link again at the top where you’ll find your newly created app. Once you click on your app, Facebook will give you a series of forms to fill out. Make sure to take note of the numbers next to the word “App ID” as you will have to input it into our Admin Panel later.

I. Your app “Settings” should look like the screen shot below. Please make sure the “App Domain” and “Contact Email” fields have been filled out:



Testing your App:
1. Head to the “Roles” tab and click on the “Test Users” section and create a new user from there.


1. Open your site in another browser. Click on “Facebook” icon in our Login Modal window and a pop-up will open asking you to login to facebook.
2. Log in with the test user’s credentials you have created and complete signup process on your site as well. You can test to make sure everything is in working order by posting on Facebook from the Community Feed on your site.

Submitting your App for Review by Facebook
If you would like to obtain “publish_actions” permission for your app you can do so by following the steps below:

NOTE: While creating your Facebook App and submitting it to Facebook, you are required to upload at-least 4 screenshots of Facebook integration on your website. For your reference, we have created some sample screenshots which are attached to this article. You can create similar screenshots for your website and use them for your Facebook App submission.

Now that you have completed the basic Facebook Integration, the following steps will guide you through submitting your Facebook App.
You need to request “publish_actions” permission for your Facebook app. Go to your Facebook App that was created using the previous steps. [Note: Wherever you see notes written in brackets, you need to provide those pages, links or URLs according to your website. Also, you need to provide your website’s test user’s login details while submitting your app so that Facebook team can review your App easily. You can use above created “Test User” login credentials for this.]
Go to your Facebook App and click on ‘App Details’ tab to add “Long Description” and provide “Privacy Policy URL”.
You can also refer to the below example descriptions:

• Example Long Description: Our App uses Facebook details to enable users to post Facebook updates from our site and to access a user’s birth date.
“Privacy Policy URL” – You have to create new Privacy Policy page or provide existing one’s URL.


Now add your facebook app icons and banner images etc.

Go to the “Status & Review” section. Click on ‘Start Submission’ button in the bottom right corner of the page. A popup will appear. Select “publish_actions” permission and click “Add Item”.















You will see that this permission have been added to the “Status and Review” page. Now click on the “Add Notes” link available against the “publish_actions” permission and fill the following text for the two fields for this permission:
8. Publish Actions:
1. Please explain how you are using publish_actions to enhance a person’s in-app experience:
2. We are using “publish_actions” to allow our users to share their liked items(products, clothing and etc) to their facebook wall. Users have control over what to share and when to share.
3. Please provide step-by-step instructions so our review team can reproduce how you are using publish_actions in your app:
Go to
Click the “Log in” button.
with Facebook
Click the “Feed” link in the main menu
Click the “+ Share” button
Type something in text-area and turn on Auto-Share Facebook icon. Then click share button















Facebook Login Integration:
1. Please provide step-by-step instructions that show how to access Facebook Login:
1. Go to
2. Click the “Log in” button.
3. Sign-in with Facebook













Now follow these instructions must be submitted and follow others if facebook gives you more instructions to be followed.


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