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how to run symfony on command line directly


how to run symfony on command line directly

How to run symfony on command line directly







First open your cmd
go to specified folder called “symfony”
type php app/console –shell
it would prompt to you symfony command
how to make bigger or full size command line interface
how to make big window command line
go to command line
type there”wmic”
now press alt+space+x
and hit enter
now type “exit “
hit enter
now you are back to normal command line interface
now enjoy your working
Symfony is very powerful framework and has very strong versioning system and after zend framework it is gaining so much popularity
.There we can develop from zero to greater level and complex level symfony projects that everything would be under kind control.
There are described some features below :
Symfony not launched before somedays , it had been luanched in 2004.
So it has big community and big access level.
We can develop very big and complex type projects using symfony as dailymotions,guzzle and more !
But before diving into symfony , one thing to be remembered never lose heart in understanding symfony as it
reuires sometime from you , then you will be on your ways to track your projects based on symfony easily.
some commands for using symfony shell.

Now type when you are in symfony mood as
php app/console –shell
now you are in symfony environment
now type “list”
There you would see all symfony commands

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