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how to install wordpress on your localhost


how to install wordpress on your localhost

how to install wordpress on your localhost









it is an easy way to install wordpress on your site

just open your phpmyadmin

and create a database namely what would you like


come back to your wordpress zip file which you have already downloaded from wordpress site

and extract it new folder and name it same as you have name in your phpmyadmin for that specified database name.

and now follow these steps

  1. copy wordpress folder to your local server namely www folder
  2. open your wordpress folder
  3. open wp-config-sample file
  4. save it as wp-config.php in same location
  5. search for line “database name” and name it what you have in your database same name
  6. and now next search for user and name it to “root”
  7. search for password and have same password which you have for your “root” user in phpmyadmin
  8. or if you want to create a new user it is ok and create it in phpmyadmin and check all privileges and set password for it.
  9. and type in your address bar localhost://wordpress(or whatever name you have selected for your database name)
  10. and now follow the consequences screen results
  11. anyhow if you feel any difficulty in installing it just send me email at

i will guide you

thanks for reading!


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