How to earn money by shortening your website urls

Different people on web asked me the question for writing something about earn easy money from web.

i hope this would be a nicer way to understand the methodology for earning money on web. For this , you do need any kind of programming or classes attended anywhere but just you must be familiar with internet and some a little bit experience with social media as for facebook, google+,linkedin, twitter etc.

Now we start the methods steps involved in it , there are many short urls sites which pay you in return for when visiting their urls
some of their names are as follow:

It offers its client great features and i think is the getting higher and higher and paying you higher and higher , its payments methods also flexible .


It offers great benefits to the users. It selects only premium ads and hence provides premium payouts to the advertisers.


It is multi-purpose site for  publishers and advertisers.  The features provided to publishers are that they can earn with popups, banners and short URLs. The minimum payout rate is $15 and the payment method is Paypal.

4. Adfoc.Us

as per same philosophy for more visits for your url the more earning; is also a paying website.  On every 1000 visits, you can earn as much as $6.50. The minimum payout has to be $10 and above and the payment methods are Paypal and Payza.

5. Coinurl

Coinurl is also best for its great features . it is flexible and money worthy and i hope you would like its structure and payment methods. is last one but not least ; you should try it.

There are many websites which offer this kind of earning facility this game never ends here , for this you must be patient ,dilligent and hardworking one for getting that kind of money , that money is half effortless but time-taking.

Now the method comes how we can earn money ; this would be going to be an easy task , just join above and whatsoever more paying websites on internet and shorten your urls and let ‘s start for counting the money

thanks for reading !

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