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how to create a page with blade in laravel









Now we want to create a page in laravel what should we need for that
as in our html page , there are header, navigation, aside, body, footer tags
Now we would create templates for each as follows:

Note :they are just for an emaple , you can create as many templates as you want, and name
them as whatsoever you want to give them.

Now come to sexy part of blade extention , it would create a lot for you automatically .
And you do need for changing a whole of code, just pick the required template and make changes
and all is done.ok

<h1>this is my first laravel page</h1>
<p>i want to develop web applications</p>

Now come to //app/views/navigation.blade.php

<li>Contact Us</li>
<li>About Us</li>
<h3>important news !</h3>
<li>first news</li>
<li>Second news</li>
<li>third news</li>


<p>this is our main body part !<br/>
welcome to laravel</p>


Now we can create our mainpage with the following code
And in our exmaple template we put them together !

<!doctype html>
4 <html lang=”en”>
5 <head>
6 <meta charset=”UTF-8″>
7 <title>Narwhals</title>
8 </head>
9 <body>


for more go to laravel

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