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how to become a professional programmer


how to become a professional programmer

how to become a professional programmer



  1. When you are going to be a good programmer , always act with prudence.
  2. Always have programming prinicpals to yourself(in mind).
  3. Keep in mind what  you are programming at what level it is beneficial fo ruser.
  4. Always code with reason.
  5. Try your best to comment your code.
  6. Try your best to comment over comment your code.
  7. Try your best to comment that code which is really complex.
  8. Be always in learning process.
  9. Be convinient to your code.
  10. Always take practice to code .
  11. Make your code simpler.
  12. Always try your code to business level.
  13. Deploy your code whenever possible that would make you pre-cautious.
  14. Always make standerd code .
  15. If you want to develop some business market , never share among people .
  16. Refactoring to code is always important.
  17. Develop your code like design development.
  18. Always adapt boy scout rule.
  19. Always select your tools with care.
  20. Always check your code before going into other’s code.
  21. Always take reviews of code.
  22. Always adapt object oriented programming approach.
  23. Always take even minor error to important level.
  24. Break your code .
  25. Do not repeat yourself.
  26. Understand language – culture.
  27. Don’s boost upon your code as there is always space present for finer code.
  28. If you want to play with code, go to the term of open source.
  29. Design api(s).
  30. Try bug tracker.
  31. Keep one principle in your mind that hard-working would give you a reward.
  32. Don’t rely on magic would happen to you.
  33. Try encapsulation where ever possible.
  34. Use less frequently floating numbers.
  35. Make your code better by removing it.
  36. What code says to you in return .
  37. Keep code clean .
  38. Know your IDE(integrated development environment).
  39. Try your best to use command line tool.
  40. Keep in your arsenal many languages.
  41. Know Your Next Commit.
  42. Do not touch that code which is filthy one.
  43. Learn new languages.
  44. Let your code speak to you .
  45. Learn to Estimate.
  46. Make Interfaces Easy to Use Correctly and Hard to Use Incorrectly.
  47. Make the invisible More Visible.
  48. Develop code for all systems.
  49. Give place to polymorphism.
  50. Tests are not your enemies ; they are really your friends.
  51. Code would prove you who you are.
  52. Compare other relevant programms and feel the difference .
  53. Avoid from errors but they are part of it.
  54. Fragrance of programming comes from programmers and testers when they meet.
  55. Write Code As If You Had to Support It for the Rest of Your Life.
  56. Write Tests for People.
  57. Write Small Functions Using Examples.
  58. Always keep in your mind that Your Customers Do Not Mean What They Say.
  59. Put Everything Under Version Control.
  60. Read and review your code.
  61. Reinvent the Wheel Often.
  62. The Road to Performance Is Littered with Dirty Code Bombs.
  63. Resist the Temptation of the Singleton Pattern .
  64. Step Back and Automate, Automate, Automate.
  65. Test for Required Behavior, Not Incidental Behavior.
  66. The Single Responsibility Principle.
  67. Simplicity Comes from Reduction.
  68. Take Advantage of Code Analysis Tools.
  69. Test While You Sleep (and over Weekends).
  70. Test Precisely and Concretely.
  71. Two Wrongs Can Make a Right (and Are Difficult to Fix).
  72. Two Heads Are Often Better Than One.
  73. Use the Right Algorithm and Data Structure.
  74. Testing Is the Engineering Rigor of Software Development.
  75. The Unix Tools Are Your Friends.
  76. Least but not last “always Start from Yes”

These above tips if considered and read carefully then there is no moment in sparing you that you can become a professional programmer.

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