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Hack your friends’ phones through Bluetooth


Hack your friends’ phones through Bluetooth

Hack your friends’ phones through Bluetooth









In this case I have two softwares, both of them can be installed on Phones running JAVA.
You have copy these softwares to your phones memory and then install these softwares
You can download these softwares from the links given below
X2 Bluetooth Hack –
Super Bluetooth Hack –
What these softwares can access in your friends’ Phones?
– Informations: display informations about battery, network, sim card
– Ringing: playing sounds of incoming call, alarm clock…
– Calls: dialing number, ending a call..
– Language: change language in phone
– Keys, Pressed keys: pressing and watching pressed keys
– Contacts
– Reading SMS
– Silent mode: turning on or off
– Phone functionality: turning off the network / phone
– Hlasitos? zvonenia
– Alarms:
– Clock: change date and time
– Phone locks
– Clip, Clir
– Change network operator
– Java: start, delete java applications
– Media Player
– Text
– SE applications
– calendar
– Keys sound
– temperature:
– Paired devices:
– Volume
– Memory status:
– Radio icon
– Keylock

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