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Forum Posting Traffic

Forum Posting Traffic


Forum Posting Traffic

Forum Posting Traffic

Getting traffic on website

Forum Posting Traffic |As a procrastinator, the idea of work bores you. And that’s why you put it off until there’s exactly enough time left to finish it—no more, no less. But what if “work” looked less like work and more like a hobby? Well, that can be accomplished when you generate traffic through forum posting. For procrastinators, that’s the upside to forum posting. It feels a lot more like recreation or leisure than “work.” But that’s not the only reason why forum posting works.
Another good feature of forum posting is that it helps you to build credibility within the very communities in which you will market your product, look for joint venture partners, and attempt to extract feedback about beta versions of your products and sites.
Finally, when it comes to generating, fast, easy traffic, few things can beat posting on a high-traffic, well-targeted forum. As soon as that thread becomes visible, thousands of people will be able to view the links in your signature, as well as the content of your post.

Before you do anything else with forum marketing, your first step should be to create a master list of forums. Once you have constructed this list, you can use it to determine how you should spend most of your time on forums. One good place to start when constructing your list is Here, you will find the most comprehensive list of forums, along with a rundown of relevant vital statistics.

Big Boards
tracks and provides information about the number of posts over time, the number of members over time, the number of daily unique visitors over time, and dozens of other categories of traffic statistics. You should attempt to use this information to determine whether the forum is growing or dying (and then jot down notes on this in your Excel spreadsheet).

Once you have finished creating this Excel spreadsheet of forums, you should begin pruning it down to something more manageable. You can do this by visiting each forum individually; and attempting to capture the atmosphere. You might want to ask the following questions:
1. Is it a hostile or a friendly forum? For instance, are questions usually answered or ridiculed?
2. How quickly (if ever) can you add a signature that includes a link to your site?
3. How does the forum deal with commercial sites?

Do they strictly prohibit reference to them? Do they allow it if it is reasonable and not an attempt to blatantly market the site?

4. Who typically posts on the forum? Experts, novices, buyers, or sellers?
This is important to understand, since a gardening site for gardening equipment sellers will have a very different type of commercial value than a forum for gardening equipment consumers.

Finally, after asking these questions, narrow down your list to less than 10 forums. This is your “master list” of forums. You should bookmark each of these and check them regularly.

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