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what are new features included in php5.4

There has been no doubt since beginning of php that it has been emerging since its beginning and got listed themselves among powerful server side languages .

php community launches a new version of php namely 5.4 and broaded itself from limitations ; some key features are described below:

1. arrays            2. traits       3. closures            4. upload_progress     5. session_handler     6. webserver      7. json         8.  request_time_float                            9.direct_call         10. binary         11 .callable  12. session_status

the above listed functions are new added features in php5.4 and helped a lot developer in his development and eases the way for faster development.

some little description of above mentioned key features is below:

Arrays :

Now we can handle array dynamically the more powerful what has we less grip in php5.3.
traits  :

they are new added features in php5.4 and by this way we can manipulate different objects by our own way.

by using keyword “USE”, and making a object of something ,we can append the results by using “this” keyword.

this newly added features gives a server handler a live preview of submitted file and their progress.

this newly added feature checks whether a newly logged in user is active or deactive as per user logged in at present leaves the browser but does not log out and now how server would deal this scenario for this we use session_handler.
web server:

however php already handles server but now this added feature would deal local server for dynamic web application this term should never be confused with that php already configures localhost service .
json :

this feature php handles with great care and leaves no spare room for information leak in anyway for hacking purposes.json feature is already included in php5.3 but it has a vast library for dealing with json file.

now this added feature can extract result in micro with floating points results. this features added due to lessen the load on server and giving a robust way for server dealing session with great and sublte care.

this feature main purpose for dealing with objects which we want to initialize with great call and no chance for creating new objects.

binary feature is already included in php previous version but complicated binary type features included in it.

we can check the various functions or specified function can be called or not ; we can easily check it by call() function.

with more features added in it for viewing and setting session settings.

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