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Facebook’s original intention was to be a social network for college students, and at one time it required an .edu email address for registration. Later, it expanded to grant membership to high school students, and finally to people of all ages. However, keeping true to its origins as a service geared to connecting individuals, Facebook has always maintained certain rules for brands and businesses. One rule many marketers find frustrating is Facebook’s strong distinction between the types of users and how it applies that distinction to Profiles. If you represent a brand or entity other than an individual user, Facebook’s Terms of Service state that you must set up a Facebook Page to represent that brand, business, or public persona, whatever it may be. This includes politicians, sports figures, and other celebrities; even as individuals, they need a Page for their very recognizable self. These Pages offer different choices that are specific to companies, such as business hours, and leave out more personal
details, such as hobbies and interests.
Still, Facebook Profiles are the building blocks of the site itself, and you’ll need to set one up before you can do anything else on the site, including creating a Page of any kind. Profiles, and the people they represent, are linked back to every action on Facebook so that someone can be held accountable for each interaction and piece of content that appears on the site.


Facebook Profile Tabs

A Facebook Profile has three main tabs: Wall, Info, and Photos (Figure 2-3). Other applications (or apps) can add more, but these are the basics that every Profile starts with.
Wall The Wall tab is the standard landing Page for your Facebook Profile. This is where people can post public messages to you or comment on posts (much like a blog). You can update your status from this tab and view older status updates. Any applications you have authorized to post to your Wall will also appear here, such as an RSS feed or tweets from Twitter. Info The Info tab is where all of your personal information—likes, interests, workplace, hometown, email address, and so on—is displayed. Unlike the Wall, there is not much opportunity for interaction between users here. While this tab is arguably the most beneficial and rich in information for Facebook marketers, it is probably the least interesting to the average user.
The Photos tab has long been a Facebook staple. This tab houses every photo you have uploaded or been tagged in. Each tag creates a link back to that user’s Profile. Note that only people, and therefore Profiles, can be tagged in a photo, not brands or Pages.

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