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FACEBOOK MARKETING TIPS |We’ve talked a lot about what to say on Facebook, but how do you actually use Facebook for marketing?
It’s all very well chatting and building relationships, but how do you move that towards a sale, or whatever it is that you want to achieve in your business? I work from the basic principle that I use social media to ‘find’ people – new prospects and existing
customers – but my aim is to move them to my main blog.
For you, this ‘most wanted action’ might be different.
It could be:
– Request a brochure
– Book a free quotation
– Get a free 15-minute consultation

– Let us send you a sample
– Volunteer for 1 hour to work in your charity shop
– Read the first chapters of your book
It could be anything, you know your own business better than I do.
But decide what it is you’re moving people towards, and make sure all points lead to that destination.Many people I speak to aren’t even sure of what they want their prospects to do in their own mind.How can your customers be sure what action to take if you don’t even know what the strategy is?
So get that bit right first, then your marketing can move prospects towards it.Marketing on Facebook is as much about building trust, reputation and credibility as it is about
making straight sales.The long game is that prospects can connect with you, get to know you, get a feel for what you’re about and – when they’re ready to buy – hopefully then, think of going to nobody else but you.Because you did the ground work already, all via social media.

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