Difference between css1 and css2 and css3

CSS (cascading style sheet)

css 1 gives us the functionality of

  1. text decoration
  2. font styles
  3. images positioning
  4. margin,
  5. border
  6.  padding
  7. alignment of text images
  8. unique identification
  9.  generic classification with specification,
  10. text background etc.

css2 gives us the functionality of support for stylesheets,

  1. bidirectional text
  2. support for multibrowsers,
  3. absolute
  4. relative
  5. fixed positioning
  6. support for alternative media types
  7. better internalization(support for other non-supported languages)
  8. cursers
  9. better content refinement
  10. better access to control structure 
  11. new font properties as showdows etc. and many more

css 3 is making  its ways deep into sections called modules and each module is going to its way upto progress

  1. css selectors
  2. combinators
  3. new style properties
  4. new pseudo elements