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Difference between a programmer and a developer

One of my students asked this question and i really appreciated him for the particular type of question and encouraged him also to tackle this type of questions and feel free to ask.

In general , there is noramlly considered a developer and a programmer same but when we go deep , there comes out a great difference  of their thinking a programmer is the root one and deveoper are its leaves.

two pictures below would describe themselves and it will be clear in our mind who is programmer and who is developer .

programmer developer

Programmer really innovates things and spends a lot of time in creating, innovating,programming anything like compiler construction ,operating system etc.

but when we go to developer- definition he also does a lot and works a lot but he is different one from programmer,

he usually picks something from here and something from there and keeps going on and develops something from extracts of all that can be utilized from programmer innovation.

In short, we can say that programmer does programming purely and developer develops extractoly.

Both have same habit of thinking but one goes to programming and other goes to developing but both have a running mind always that never ends thinking .Both play their important role in software engineering.

Now i would like to give you an example from where you will get the concept :

programming : mysql development using c and php using c etc.

developing : website development using different technologies etc.

hoping that would increase a little or more for you !

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