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what is difference between ajax and json


both these two languages have their own specifications and we cannot deny their importance as per own technologies demands are changing at very fast pace. Second thing is that it depends on what we are demanding to implement on our web . so we can use and decide what is better and what is best .

What is ajax

ajax stands for asynchronous javascript and xml  this ajax is used in dynamic work normally where we want to update our data synchronously bit by bit . this is very fast and light technology

Benefits of ajax :

  1. it takes less loading time
  2. it is fast and reliable
  3. it works there also where internet connection or other related issues prevail
  4. it is easy to implement

what is json

javascript object notation it works there where we want to return our data as an object . it has its own interactivity and functions and it is use also in web these days.

this technology is prevailing everywhere.

Benefits of json

  1. it is more secure than ajax
  2. it is useful when we want to get our results as a whole
  3. it requests to the server as a whole not like ajax wherein processes of requests carry on.
  4. it keeps server less busy
  5. it is outstanding technology also
  6. it is easy to implement



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