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database interview questions


database interview questions

Database interview questions

Basic database administrator interview questions which every database admin should know their answers .

They are listed below:

  1. How to find the first non-repeated character in a String?
  2. How to print a tree by levels?
  3. How to reverse a String iteratively and recursively?
  4. How to determine if 2 Strings are anagrams?
  5. How to implement a binary min heap. Turn it into a binary max heap?
  6. How to implement a queue using 2 stacks?
  7. How to implement a linked list?
  8. How to find the Nth element in a linked list?
  9. How to remove the Nth element of a linked list?
  10. How to check if a linked list has cycles?
  11. How to check whether a link list is a palindrome?
  12. How to implement bubble sort?
  13. How to reverse a linked list iteratively and recursively?
  14. What is the database on which Clipper is a based?
  15. How to implement selection sort?
  16. How to implement square root function?
  17. What is the format used for real numbers by Clipper?
  18. How to check if String is a palindrome?
  19. How to implement an exponent function (bonus: now try in log(n) time)
  20. Given a function rand5() that returns a random int between 0 and 5, implement rand7()
  21. How to write a multiply function that multiples 2 integers without using *?
  22. How to check if a String is composed of all unique characters?
  23. How to determine if a String is an int or a double?
  24. How is file locking handled in Clipper?
  25. How to write a function that determines if a tree is a BST?
  26. Given a 2D array of 1s and 0s, count the number of “islands of 1s” (e.g. groups of connecting 1s)
  27. How to find the smallest element in a BST?
  28. How to implement insertion sort?
  29. How to print all permutations of a String?
  30. How to implement merge sort?
  31. How to  find the shortest palindrome in a String?
  32. How to implement quick sort?
  33. How to implement binary search in a rotated array (ex. {5,6,7,8,1,2,3})?
  34. How to find the common elements of 2 int arrays?
  35. How to implement binary search of a sorted array of integers?
  36. How to use dynamic programming to find the first X prime numbers?
  37. How to write a function that prints out the binary form of an int?
  38. How to implement parseInt?
  39. What are the features of Clipper VO?
  40. How to find the most frequent integer in an array?
  41. How to implement a BST with insert and delete functions?
  42. How can a user have multiple access to a clipper database in two different operating systems?
  43. How to write fibbonaci iteratively and recursively?
  44. How to find pairs in an integer array whose sum is equal to 16?
  45. If you are given a single-line text String and a maximum width value, write the function ‘String justify(String text, int maxWidth)’ that formats the input text using full-justification, i.e., extra spaces on each line are equally distributed between the words; the first word on each line is flushed left and the last word on each line is flushed right?
  46. What are the features of Clipper that makes it easy to create multi-user applications?
    What are the steps for connecting Clipper database from PHP script?
  47. Given 2 integer arrays, determine of the 2nd array is a rotated version of the 1st array. Ex. Original Array A={1,2,3,5,6,7,8} Rotated Array B={5,6,7,8,1,2,3}
  48. How to Find the only element in an array that only occurs once.
  49. How to Print a tree using BFS and DFS?
  50. What are the tools or process used for running Clipper on UNIX systems?
  51. How to Find the 2nd largest number in a BST?
  52. How to Given a binary tree which is a sum tree (child nodes add to parent), write an algorithm to determine whether the tree is a valid sum tree?
  53. How to Find the distance between 2 nodes in a BST and a normal binary tree?
  54. How to Implement a stack with push and pop functions?
  55. What is the query to change the rows into column and columns into row?
  56. What is a waterfall testing?
  57. How to exp, imp from higher version to lower version?
  58. How to Print the coordinates of every node in a binary tree, where root is 0,0?
  59. If given a binary tree which is a sum tree, write an algorithm to determine whether the tree is a valid sum tree?
  60. How to Find the max distance between 2 nodes in a BST?
  61. How to  Construct a BST given the pre-order and in-order traversal Strings?
  62. How to Implement a queue with queue and dequeue functions?
  63. What is mean by fractured block in terms of manual hot backup?
  64. How to Find the minimum element in a stack in O(1) time?
  65. What are the single and multi-user commands supported by Clipper?
  66. How will you find-out if your database is using recovery catalog or not?
  67. What are the operating systems under which Clipper can operate?
  68. How to write a function that sorts a stack?
  69. How to schedule the backup with cron at linux ?
  70. What are the initial steps to follow a database backup and job scheduling ?
  71. What is DBMS?
  72. What are the disadvantage in File Processing System?
  73. Describe the three levels of data abstraction?
  74. What are the advantages of DBMS?
  75. What is indexing in database?(simple question)

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