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What are the core components under the Android application architecture


There are 5 key components under the Android application architecture:

  1. services
  2.  intent
  3. content providers
  4. resource externalization
  5. notifications

Services play internal part in android application architechture and if an activity is hidden or paused or stopped but the case with services  is different as per they are running behind the scenes and they work independently where user does not needs to stop them actually they are running to support their meta structure of android application.

Intent plays an important role in user behave what user wants to do now and it keeps a safe records what are being present done.

Content providers what type of content needs for that specified application where this component works always ; a basic component for running any kind of android application.

Resource externalization : a very dynamic component of android application architechture where resources of external are also utilized for the maximum of reliability,durability and speediness of application.

Notification this component helps a lot in proactive way how to warn or give message to user what is being required or would be required .


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