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what is framework and what is benefit of it

css frameworks

what is framework and what is benefit of it

what is framework and what is benefit of it

comprehensive frameworks 

it helps us in styling and also functionality.
it is a full set of styles and one cannot help praising it .

it is really a fast tool for faster development and increases browser consistancy.
minimal frameworks
it focuses logical on solid base for styling and typically based on reread consistancy.

it is minimal tyoporgraphic and site design strengthens and estalishes a foundation that a desinger can build
many frameworks are desinged sass and lass predetermindely.

framework are the result of hunderd even thousands or even thousands of hours of development.
it diggs into them and provides us the insight how to approach certain challenges.
multiple frameworks give us the way how to have overview of the web community that tackle wed design.
frameworks increase project size it is true
but it is also true that it minimizes development.

some frameworks qualities are mentioned below:

sleteton a minimal framework it is beautiful and responsive one is based upon grid to mobile
fast to start
light styling
it is stuyle agnostic
based upon responsive site.
it has jump start functionality.
it has files such as index.html,
images icon

foundation framework
it is advanced responsive front end framework in the world
it has rapid prototyping functionality.
it has feature of mobility
it is integrated with rail sass and lass
it has many components like media queiries , typographical button, forms tabs elements, javascript etc.
it is right framework for you.
it has typical development process.
developers can use code again and again
it is pattern functionality.
it has cross browser issue functionality like others have
it gives you project consistancy
it utilizes the underlying framework and forces you to create a consistant code
it has consistant structure and easy to maintain and update.



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