how to run symfony on command line directly

How to run symfony on command line directly               First open your cmd go to specified folder called "symfony" type php app/console --shell it would prompt to you symfony command 1----- how to make...

list twig filters in symfony

              List twig filters in symfony TWIG FILTERS upper {{ 'welcome'|upper }} lower {{ 'WELCOME'|lower }} striptags {% some_html|striptags %} join {{ |join('|') }} {# returns 1|2|3 #} split {{ "one,two,three"|split(',') }} {# returns #} reverse {% for use in users|reverse %} ... {%...

how to use template in symfony

              How to use template in symfony Controller is responsible for handling each request that comes into a Symfony application. In reality, the controller delegates most of the heavy...

how to install 3rd party bundle in symfony

              How to install 3rd party bundle in symfony Follow these easy steps to install 3rd party bundle step no 1: Add it to the ``composer.json`` file:   { ..., "require": { ..., "SwiftCodeBundle/My-bundle": "2.0.*@dev" } } step no 2...

symfony doctrine exception list

              symfony doctrine exception list symfony2 installations also include doctrine2, below is a list of all the Doctrine 2 Exceptions Doctrine/Common/DataFixtures/Exception/CircularReferenceException.php Doctrine/Common/Annotations/AnnotationException.php Doctrine/Common/CommonException.php Doctrine/Common/Persistence/Mapping/MappingException.php Doctrine/ORM/TransactionRequiredException.php Doctrine/ORM/Query/QueryException.php Doctrine/ORM/Query/AST/ASTException.php Doctrine/ORM/Mapping/MappingException.php Doctrine/ORM/UnexpectedResultException.php Doctrine/ORM/PessimisticLockException.php Doctrine/ORM/OptimisticLockException.php Doctrine/ORM/Internal/Hydration/HydrationException.php Doctrine/ORM/ORMException.php Doctrine/ORM/NonUniqueResultException.php Doctrine/ORM/EntityNotFoundException.php Doctrine/ORM/Tools/ToolsException.php Doctrine/ORM/Tools/Export/ExportException.php Doctrine/ORM/Proxy/ProxyException.php Doctrine/ORM/NoResultException.php Doctrine/ORM/ORMInvalidArgumentException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Query/QueryException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Types/ConversionException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Schema/SchemaException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Sharding/ShardingException.php Doctrine/DBAL/ConnectionException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Cache/CacheException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/OCI8/OCI8Exception.php Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/SQLSrv/SQLSrvException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/Mysqli/MysqliException.php Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/IBMDB2/DB2Exception.php Doctrine/DBAL/DBALException.php

What is routing and how to use it in symfony

              What is routing and how to use it in symfony Routing in Symfony 2 is even easier than in Symfony 1.x. Also you can prefix imported routes and give...

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