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Brief notes on mysql storage engine


Different types of storage engines:

Inno DB
eBay Memory Engine
MySQL storage engines
eBay Memory Engine

Brief notes on mysql storage engine:

The detailed study of mysql storage engines reveals us that this is normally used engine in our sql programming and what key features it has on developers.

MySQL storage engines brief notes:

mysql strorage engines gives greater flexibility for every user and it is best soluiton for all developers.
With the stability of newer engines you should strongly consider a dedicated engine when your requirements are for a  very nice purpose such as a data warehouse. The lack of transaction support when expected and the complexity of consistent backups are a common problem in a mixed engine instance. We should first start with a decision of the default storage engine.

While MySQL provides an easy method to mix and match different storage engines for individual tables within a MySQL instance, care should be taken.  This is generally a decision of a transactional storage engine or a non-transactional storage engine.
This affects the development approach that is undertaken. Generally by default the options chosen are InnoDB or MyISAM, respectively.
However, as discussed there are multiple variances of InnoDB at present, and Maria as a MyISAM replacement.

Integrated Hardware Engines

MySQL storage engines are not limited to just software. Two commercial providers include specialized hardware with their respective implementation of customized MySQL storage engines.


Virident is a combination of custom improvements in memory management based on the InnoDB
storage engine, as well as providing a dedicated memory hardware appliance

Kickfire is a column-oriented data store with additional specifi c hardware for compression and indexing. Due to the nature of requiring the specialized hardware it’s not possible to evaluate or demonstrate this product.

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