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Benefit of purchasing links

Benefit of purchasing links


Benefit of purchasing links

Benefit of purchasing links

Is purchasing links are helpful in seo

Purchasing Links

Benefit of purchasing links |If your site isn’t receiving traffic and does not have a Google PR of 3 or higher, you may find it difficult to find willing link exchange partners. Fortunately, there is a simple strategy you can use to overcome this problem—namely, you can purchase the links instead.
In the past, this was often difficult to accomplish, but today, markets for paid links are robust and thriving. If you’re thinking about paying to get high-quality, inbound links, you should consider the following sites: Of all available sites that sell text links, one of the best is Text Link Ads. The way the site works is simple: site owners who want to sell outbound links post the site URL, vital statistics, other information, and price. Buyers can then shop around to find relevant sites with a lot of traffic and high PR; and then purchase links from these sites. Similar to Text Link Ads, Sponsored Reviews allows you to purchase contextual links. However, they let you place your links on a massive network of blogs. It is up to you to decide where you want to place them, which you can do by searching according to Alexa rating, PR, and other filters. and In addition to the first two sites listed, it is always a good idea to check out the available link inventories on these sites. They are some of the oldest and best-respected paid linking sites.
Overall, when it comes to purchasing links, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself before buying:
1. What does the link cost per month?

Obviously, this is the first question you should ask, since it will help you to make easy comparisons between paying $X to place your link on a site; and paying $X to advertise your site through some alternative method (such as Google AdWords).
2. How much traffic does this site receive?

If the site in question does not generate a lot of traffic, then you should not be willing to pay much to place your link on it unless it has other beneficial features, such as high Google PR. To the contrary, if you are simply looking to increase your search engine ranking positions, but do not have an interest in direct, click-through traffic, then you may actually want to seek out links that do not receive a lot of traffic on the page in question (since you will probably have to pay a premium).
3. Where will your link be placed?

Another important question is where your link will be placed. If your link is place at the top of the site, on the sites, or embedded in the text, it is a higher value link and you should be willing to pay more for it accordingly. To the contrary, if it is placed in a directory or at the bottom of a page, you should pay less for it.
4. What do you hope to achieve from purchasing the link?

Do you expect to receive lots of traffic (based on the site and the link position)? Or do you expect to see a boost in your search engine ranking positions?
5. What is the opportunity cost of purchasing the link?

If the link costs $60 per month, would you be better off spending those $60 on PPC advertising through AdWords? If so, then you should do that instead.
Now, taking each of these five things into consideration, you should wade through the massive markets for paid links; and look for some good bargains.

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