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what are basic concepts for developing a game in unity3d


what are basic concepts for developing a game in unity3d

what are basic concepts for developing a game in unity3d

What Is Unity3D:













The basic concepts for developing a game in unity3d  are very easy and dynamic and everything is connected to each other and you would see that unity game engine is so powerful that you can develop and build everything at ease and what to say about assets,prefabs , scripts  whatsoever we have in unity3d are great and any unity3d developer cannot help appreciating its effects and fast development in unity3d. 

Unity3d environment really gives us fast and robust features at ease and that with little understanding of programming concepts we are there to develop our first game in it.












It is a powerful 3D engine that has been in official development since 2005. Originally, it was specifically designed to help developers build their projects on Mac computers, but widespread support drove them to start supporting other platforms as well. But It is more than just a codebase – it’s a full-featured environment complete with hundreds of tools that aid in rapid game development.

We can see in the screenshot above that the application editor is split into numerous panels:

  • A Hierarchy panel that lists all of the different Game Objects in the current Scene. Game Objects can be set as children or parents of other Game Objects, resulting in an easy way to keep everything in a Scene organized.
  • A Project panel that tracks all of the different files and Assets that are part of your project, including textures, sounds, scripts, models, plugins, etc.
  • An Inspector panel that gives you details on the currently selected Game Object or Asset and allows you to edit those details if you wish.
  • A Scene panel that shows a visual representation of all Game Objects in the current Scene. Unity3D divides a game into multiple Scenes and each Scene can represent a different game state, such as the Main Menu, Level 1, Level 2, and a Game Over screen. With this panel, you can manipulate Game Objects through moving, resizing, rotating, etc.
  • A Game panel which becomes active when you give your game a test run. Yes, Unity3D allows you to run your game directly from within the editor, which means extremely fast testing and debugging cycles.

We’ll be interfacing with these panels most often when using Unity3D – except when you’re scripting, of course – so don’t fret if it looks intimidating. You’ll pick it up quicker than you think.

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