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why we choose symfony over other frameworks

php framework

why we choose symfony over other frameworks









why we choose symfony over other frameworks

5 Reasons why we love symfony

There are lot of reasons why symfony becoming so much impornt in web development and web application
Reason no 1:
it is totally object oriented based on where in set of block of code work and they are indepdent and they are easy to check if there is some error there as we can check by dependancy manager.

Reason no 2:

it is easy to install and update and whole logic centers in composer.phar which is a great tool for doing logics around the symfony.
Reason no 3:

symfony makes developer life easy virtually -ahah thanks we can replace some of its parts and disconfigure them easily.that is possible by dependancy manager.we will be automatically check our code and enhance its capability to greater level and we get great accesses to its bundles, classes and modules etc. very easily .
thanks a lot to dependancy manager as there is lot of codes but easily traceable dependancy manager.

Reason 4:
when you develop some projects or bundle or modules in symfony ; it gives a developer  a lot of reuseability  like twigs,templates,validation , authentication etc.

Reason 5:

it has a very large community and forums we can put our issues related to development process of web application and they are answered soon . yes that ‘s means always active community and active forum members.
this is least but not last we must be proud of symfony wherein big applications like dailymotions and more have been developed.

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